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Dear Readers

Thank you for coming to my blog space, perspectivos. The purpose of this blog is to foster open discussion and alternative views of issues that affect all of our lives. Brining about counter-hegemonic, critical, and countercultural discourses is increasingly important in a world increasingly monopolized by a few corporations, especially controlling what we see through the mainstream media.

The other aspect of this blog is also to discuss more less controversial issues such as art, architecture, urban landscapes, sexuality and music. The exploration of culture is important to connect with our collective past, and to embrace the achievements of our forefathers. In addition, understanding and appreciation of more sophisticated forms of culture is becoming a rarity among the youth, this tendency to limit ones perspective to the immediate is a highly disturbing development.

This blog will also discuss the intersection between mass consumerism, capitalism, education, and even religion all come together to subordinate the mentality of millions. Many of us are victims of this intersection, and we constantly see the dehumanization and commodification of our thoughts and actions in our compatriots. Fetishism, mystification and commodification of our lives through hegemony of the system is something that should be and will be challenged.

About the author: I try never to talk about issues that I do not feel comfortable discussing, and I try never to go beyond my own limits intellectually. Although I challenge others to challenge themselves, and not to accept the status quo, and not to engage in self-pity. I am not a terribly out-going person, nor am I terribly charismatic, but I am a very thoughtful.
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